Innovative dry adhesive technology

developed by Akron Ascent Innovations

Akron Ascent Innovations (AAI) has developed a new adhesive technology platform, trade name ShearGrip®, that offers a unique combination of high strength, excellent removability and reusability on a wide range of surfaces, not possible with conventional adhesives.

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Stick made simple

ShearGrip® can be applied to almost any surface–painted walls, doors, windows, cabinets, mirrors and more! Perfect for home,office and dorms. 

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ShearGrip® is a customizable roll stock product with applications in development for a range of market segments, including:

• Consumer/Industrial Goods

• Film/Label

• Packaging

• Transportation

• Electronics

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The secret is in the structure–millions of solid fibers with small enough diameter to grab surfaces for lasting adhesion when needed, but low enough peel to be removed without damaging surfaces.

ShearGrip® dry adhesives are produced using an electro-spinning technique currently in widespread use for the filtration market, but never before used for adhesives. 

The ShearGrip® dry adhesive platform makes use of the high surface area and high strength of electrospun nanofibers from a proprietary polymer blend formulation to provide unique directional adhesive characteristics.