Here's just a small sampling of the ways that our products can and will be used. 


Pinless Posts

Currently in the consumer testing phase, our Pinless family of products is a safe, easy and damage-free adhesive for home decor projects like photo collages and moodboards.



Wall Hanging solutions

Still in the product development phase, we are testing the load bearing limits of hooks with damage-free, repositionable adhesive backings for home decor and organizational purposes. 



Printable adhesive Materials 

Development of both commercial and home printable materials is under way. This will provide consumers and manufacturers with an easy option to create numerous printable adhesive products. These products will give people the ability to create a wide range of items from marketing materials such as signage and stickers, to simple at-home prints of vacation photos. 

Want to try our products?

We have some products already available for consumer testing, and we'll be releasing more in the near future. If you'd like to try our products before they are released and give us some feedback, please sign up for our pilot testing program.