AAI Presenting ShearGrip Technology to Cleveland Photographic Society on 5/24

This week, Akron Ascent Innovation’s Principal Scientist, Dr. Kevin White, will give a presentation to the Cleveland Photographic Society (CPS) at their weekly meeting. The event will take place on Friday, May 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the CPS Clubroom at 9543 Broadview Road in Broadview Heights, Ohio.

The CPS was founded in 1887 and is one of the oldest and largest non-profit photography organizations in the country. They allow photographers to exhibit their work and host classes for all experience levels. Although the organization has existed for more than a century, CPS prides itself in remaining vigilant to adapt to new technologies. Dr. White is visiting the CPS is to spread the word about Pinless products - the first line of consumer products featuring AAI’s ShearGrip dry adhesive technology - and their unique applications in the realm of photography.

Most photographers want to proudly display their work, but often there is no way to do so without bending or damaging the prints, or marring the surface underneath. As a result, photographs often end up in storage and unappreciated. Conventional adhesives often contain acids that cause photographs to yellow over time and can be impossible to remove without harming the photo. ShearGrip dry adhesion provides a new and unique solution to this common problem for hobbyist and professional photographers. ShearGrip combines strength with easy peel and reusability, allowing artists to reposition and rearrange large collages, assemble idea boards on the go, and to express themselves creatively in a way not previously possible.

The Pinless is the first brand that brings ShearGrip technology to the consumer. For photographers, the top products are Pinless Pics and Pinless Post. Pinless Pics is a premium photopaper backed with ShearGrip that allows artists to directly print photos using an inkjet printer and instantly attach to walls, or assist in framing and matting. The Pinless Post is a double-sided product that provides an instant display space ideal for layouts, mood boards, or overall creative expression. The ShearGrip dry adhesive is acid-free and does not yellow photographs over time, and has a unique balance of high strength and easy peel to avoid damaging photos.


About the Cleveland Photographic Society

CPS has operated continuously since 1887, making them one of the oldest camera clubs in North America. For over 125 years, CPS has grown and adapted, embracing new techniques and technologies, and remains vibrant and active. CPS does not specialize in any one photographic discipline, instead educating and encouraging its members to explore all subjects and types of photography. They currently have over 600 members and conduct a Photo School three times each year featuring sessions on Fundamentals of Good Photography, Photoshop Photo Editing, Intermediate Photo Editing, Photoshop Lightroom and a variety of informational and educational workshops. CPS meets almost every Friday night throughout the year. For more information visit www.clevelandphoto.org.


About ShearGrip

ShearGrip is a dry adhesive made from millions of solid, ultra-thin fibers that operate like gecko feet and grab the microscopic contours on surfaces. It makes use of the high surface area and high strength of electrospun nanofibers from a proprietary polymer formulation to provide unique directional adhesive characteristics. This first-of-its-kind dry adhesive can be used to make a wide range of useful products not possible with conventional glues, goos, and tapes. It is not tacky or sticky, which makes installation, handling, and positioning incredibly easy, but can strongly grip most surfaces and just as easily peel off. For more information visit ShearGrip.com


About Akron Ascent Innovations

 AAI is a start-up company based in Akron, OH that has developed a revolutionary new type of ultra-low tack, removable adhesives material made from nanofibers. This new class of materials can achieve a strong, but easily removable, bond between surfaces through nanoscale interactions. This approach to adhesion was inspired by nature and is widely used in the animal kingdom, including beetles, spiders, and geckos.  AAI’s platform approach to dry adhesion can be used for a range of applications, ranging from temporary signage, home décor, wall hanging hooks, and picture frame tabs, to automotive assembly, packaging, smart clothing, electronics handling, and closures.


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