AAI Selected as Winner of Green Chemistry Technology Showcase

AAI’s COO and Principal Scientist Kevin White delivering a pitch at the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council’s technology showcase, hosted this year by Procter & Gamble at their Cincinnati headquarters. AAI and our ShearGrip bio-inspired dry adhesive technology was selected from a pool of over 30 companies and took home the top prize.

Akron Ascent Innovations was selected as a winner of the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) Startup Network 4th Annual Technology Showcase. AAI was featured among a group of promising startups representing a broad range of industries, from energy to pharmaceutical products. The event took place on May 7th at the Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati, OH as part of the 14th Annual GC3 Innovators Roundtable.

10 semi-finalists were selected by the GC3 out of a competitive pool of more than 30 applicants to participate in the showcase. Each startup gave a 3-minute pitch of their products and technologies to an audience of chemical manufacturers, brands, retailers, and investors. Three winners were given the opportunity to present a 7-minute pitch to a panel of experts in the field of sustainability and green technology. Panelists included executives from Eastman, Esteé Lauder Companies, Safer Made, and Dow. The other finalists were Colorfix Limited, a firm engineering new dyeing solutions from agricultural byproducts, and Visolis, Inc., a company that aims to “displace petrochemicals with carbon negative materials.”

The organizer of the event, the GC3 Startup Network, was established to foster green chemistry entrepreneurship and to accelerate the development and commercialization of green chemistry technologies. GC3 members (which includes, among many others, Lowe’s, HP, Staples, 3M, ExxonMobil, GOJO Industries, Beiersdorf AG, Sherwin-Williams, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Apple, Amazon, Steelcase, Johnson & Johnson, Eastman, remooble, Herman Miller, Levi Strauss, Patagonia, and now AAI), are called upon to identify priority areas for green chemistry. They previously published a list of sustainable chemistry technology needs, which includes several adhesive applications that AAI is exploring.

“It was a fantastic event and we are very honored to have been selected among many great start-ups. This was probably the most knowledgeable group for green chemistry and innovation that we have presented to, so it is a great badge validating our approach,” said Dr. Kevin White, AAI Chief Operating Officer and Principal Scientist, who delivered the pitch. “We are very much looking forward to continuing our engagement with GC3, and hopefully providing the group with some helpful direction for our industry in the future.”

About the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council

Started in 2005, the Green Chemistry & Commerce Council (GC3) is a business-to-business collaborative that drives the commercial adoption of green chemistry by catalyzing and guiding action across all industries, sectors, and supply chains. Over 125 organizations are members of the GC3. Visit www.greenchemistryandcommerce.org for more information.


About the GC3 Startup Network

The GC3 Startup Network was launched in 2016 to support the growth of green and bio-based chemistry startups and accelerate the market adoption of innovative green chemistry technologies. With 25 startup members, the Network has become a unique and vibrant forum for green & bio-based chemistry startups to connect to larger GC3 member chemical suppliers, brands, retailers, and investors and for these startups to connect with each other.


About Akron Ascent Innovations

AAI is a startup company based in Akron, OH that has developed a revolutionary new type of ultra-low tack, removable adhesives material made from nanofibers. This new class of materials is able to achieve a strong, but easily removable, bond between surfaces through nanoscale interactions. This approach to adhesion was inspired by nature and is widely used in the animal kingdom, including beetles, spiders, and geckos. AAI’s platform approach to dry adhesion can be used for a range of applications, ranging from temporary signage, home décor, wall hanging hooks, and picture frame tabs, to automotive assembly, packaging, smart clothing, electronics handling, and closures.

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