In the News: Features AAI in Story on Akron Accelerator

Jennifer Conn, reporter for, included AAI in a feature on the Akron Accelerator titled, "How the old B.F. Goodrich building in Akron is helping 21st century start-ups."

Full article available here.

In a vestige of Akron’s industrial rubber past, more than 40 small start-ups are dreaming big new ideas.

The Akron Global Business Accelerator, in the old B.F. Goodrich building on South Main Street, is a glossy, industrial-chic space populated with businesses that range from a single employee to graduates selling products or services around the globe.

Like a Willie Wonka tech factory, the accelerator’s startups run the gamut of unusual inventions:
- Akron Ascent Innovations uses electrospinning to produce nanofibers to make dry adhesives that are incredibly strong but can be removed from delicate surfaces without leaving reside or damaging surfaces...