How the old B.F. Goodrich building in Akron is helping 21st century start-ups

Jennifer Conn, reporter for, included AAI in a feature on the Akron Accelerator titled, "How the old B.F. Goodrich building in Akron is helping 21st century start-ups."

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In a vestige of Akron’s industrial rubber past, more than 40 small start-ups are dreaming big new ideas.

The Akron Global Business Accelerator, in the old B.F. Goodrich building on South Main Street, is a glossy, industrial-chic space populated with businesses that range from a single employee to graduates selling products or services around the globe...
— Jennifer Conn, Akron Reporter,

About AAI:

AAI is a start-up company based in Akron, OH that has developed a revolutionary new type of ultra-low tack, removable adhesives material made from nanofibers. This new class of materials is able to achieve a strong, but easily removable, bond between surfaces through nanoscale interactions. This approach to adhesion was inspired by nature and is widely used in the animal kingdom, including beetles and geckos.  AAI’s platform approach to dry adhesion can be used for a range of applications, ranging from temporary signage, wall hanging hooks, and picture frame tabs, to automotive assembly, food packaging, and smart clothing.