AAI adds new team member Rebecca Kuznarsky to transform amazing materials into amazing products

Akron Ascent Innovations is pleased to welcome Rebecca Kuznarsky to the team.  Rebecca is an Akron Zip at heart, having earned an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering with biology specialization and a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.  She has been involved in the applications of electrospinning since her graduate days, and worked in Professor Darrell Reneker's laboratory as an undergraduate.  Her Masters Thesis exploring the use of electrospun nanofibers as nano-texturizers to improve the bio-compatibility of breast implants.  Rebecca worked with Chemstress Consultant Co. as a process engineer and SNS Nano Fiber Technology as a research engineer prior to joining AAI in December 2016.  Rebecca's work will be central to the new theme of AAI - transformation of amazing materials into amazing products in 2017.