University of Akron: New research attracts NSF attention - and funding

A University of Akron professor has received National Science Foundation funding to scale up production of a newly developed reusable, easily removable adhesive.

As reported by the University of Akron, Akron Ascent Innovations received about $730,000 in funding from the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant for the commercialization and scale-up of a reusable, removable dry adhesive.

Read the full report here.

About AAI:

AAI is a start-up company based in Akron, OH that has developed a revolutionary new type of ultra-low tack, removable adhesives material made from nanofibers. This new class of materials is able to achieve a strong, but easily removable, bond between surfaces through nanoscale interactions. This approach to adhesion was inspired by nature and is widely used in the animal kingdom, including beetles and geckos.  AAI’s platform approach to dry adhesion can be used for a range of applications, ranging from temporary signage, wall hanging hooks, and picture frame tabs, to automotive assembly, food packaging, and smart clothing.