AAI is pioneering a new type of adhesive that takes the hassle out of tape

Akron Ascent Innovations (AAI) was founded in 2012 with the mission of developing a revolutionary dry adhesive that we have affectionately named A’Qat™ (pronounced “A Cat”).  This material belongs to a new class of super-adhesives called "dry adhesives" that are inspired by nature's greatest crawler, the gecko.  The advantage of dry adhesives is that they can be designed to be extremely strong in one direction (a thumbnail size piece of A’Qat™ can hold over 100 pounds), but can still be easily removed, repositioned, and reused, all without damaging your surface.



Adhesive technology hasn't changed much in the past few thousand years - the stronger the stick, the better the glue, and the more pain involved when it comes time to remove it.

Damage free

AAI's repositionable and cleanly removable dry adhesives are the perfect solution for imperfect and indecisive decorators.


Dry Adhesive

AAI is pioneering a dry adhesive technology based on solid nanofibers that conform intimately to surfaces.  The strength is remarkable, but without the stick and hassle of conventional adhesives.




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